1. Who inspires you?
Reeves, Mortimer and Shooting Stars in general.

2. What’s your proudest career moment?
Delivering the closing keynote at our company’s annual global summit.

3. Have brands lost touch with people? Why?
Brands which don’t genuinely put the customer first are losing touch.

4. What’s your all time favourite ad campaign? Why?
Probably still the iconic Guinness surfing ad as it is timelessly cool.

5. What’s your biggest challenge right now?
Working on 3-5 year plans with businesses with short term budget cycles.

6. What’s your top trend for 2020. Why?
2020 will finally be there year we put the environment first (HOPEFULLY!)

7. AI and marketing: threat or opportunity?
Massive, massive opportunity.

8. How do you like to spend your spare time?
Beers, sports, wife, dog, friends, sleep (not in that order).

9. What’s your favourite London restaurant?
Mac & Wild in Great Titchfield St.

10. What are you talking about at MAD//Fest?
How to build an experience dream team with our client at Boden.

Join Leigh + Boden’s Director – Digital Transformation will be speaking on the Engagement + Experience Stage at 1210 on 13 Nov. Click here for the agenda.